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SimpleBot is a PiBot compatible robot platform designed by Andrew Fisher, controlled by a Raspberry Pi using a PiLeven Arduino compatible expansion board and a SimpleBot shield designed by Angus Gratton to simplify assembly.


SimpleBot features include:

* Simple assembly on a Coreflute chassis using cable ties and minimal tools
* Easy to modify to incorporate your own design ideas and features
* Chassis can be cut out by hand using a template, or using a laser cutter if you have access to one
* Raspberry Pi brain
* WiFi connectivity
* PiLeven (Arduino compatible) I/O controller
* SimpleBot shield provides convenient connectors
* 2 x continuous-rotation servos for mobility
* 1 x ultrasonic distance sensor for obstacle avoidance
* 1 x light sensor for phototropic or photophobic behaviour
* 4 x WS2812 RGB LEDs for blinky fun
* Powered by common AA cells

The first session at the Open Hardware Miniconf 2015 will give participants the opportunity to assemble their own SimpleBot from a kit of parts, which includes all chassis parts pre-cut and ready to assemble: