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#swagbadge for LCA2021: Frequently Asked Questions

* Q: I'm outside of Australia, how can I acquire #swagbadge hardware?

A: Right now, even the OHMC team doesn't have a #swagbadge, because the project development is still in progress. However, we've deliberately chosen readily available parts, i.e ESP32 Lolin32, 0.96" OLED screens and buttons, so that it is inexpensive and easy for anyone to acquire parts for participating in the development process along with us. This also means that for those people we can't ship to, due to cost and time constraints, there is still an option for you to not miss out. We will be providing a BoM soon that includes links for on-line purchasing of the parts. This D.I.Y option is known as the #dagbadge !

* Q: What powers the badge? Can I run it off a battery?

You can plug a micro USB cable into the badge to provide power. We haven't provided one in the kits on the basis that everyone probably has plenty lying around at home already, and if not, they're easy and cheap to get hold of.

It is possible to power the badge using a battery: the LOLIN32 has a JST header where a small 1S LiPo can be plugged in, but you'll need to provide the battery (and connect it to the badge) yourself. (Places like Hobby King sell them, but the shipping isn't cheap.)

* Q: Who is the team behind the Swagbadge?