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(Swagbadge for LCA2021: Welcome!)
(Getting started)
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* [[Swagbadge2021_Newcomers|Newcomers guide]]: Read our guide if you haven't done much hardware before and need more fundamentals before diving in
* [[Swagbadge2021_Newcomers|Newcomers guide]]: Read our guide if you haven't done much hardware before and need more fundamentals before diving in
* [[Swagbadge2021_GettingStarted|Getting started guide: Swagbadge]]: Your Swagbadge has arrived. What next?
* [[Swagbadge2021_GettingStarted|Getting started guide: Swagbadge]]: Your Swagbadge has arrived. What next?
* [[Swagbadge2021_Dagbadge|Dagbadge]]: How to build and make your own!
* [[Swagbadge2021_SoftwareDev|SoftwareDev]]: Badge Software Development
* [[Swagbadge2021_MQTT|MQTT]]: Talking via MQTT
* [[Swagbadge2021_SoftwareDev|SoftwareDev]]: Badge Software Development
* [[SwagBadge2021 FAQ]]: Frequently Asked Questions
* [[SwagBadge2021 FAQ]]: Frequently Asked Questions

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Swagbadge for LCA2021: Welcome!

Status, About us, Contact us

Getting started



Today (2020-10-04), we are publicly announcing the LCA2021 #swagbadge project and beginning the process of opening up our hardware and software development processes. The next couple of weeks will be a bit of a spectator sport whilst we put in place mechanisms for technical collaboration and contributions. We warmly welcome you to join in, get an early start on LCA2021 and enjoy the ride ! We'll be listening for questions and feedback sent to Twitter @swagbadge

Note: Whilst this project is supported by LCA2021, the OHMC team are not an official part of the LCA2021 organizing committee. Of course, we'll be in close communication with them. Also, this project will be covered by a Code Of Conduct (perhaps with some hardware hacking caveats). The OHMC team supports and encourages inclusion and diversity in hardware / software hacking, please help us do better !

LCA2021 swag badge 3D render 2020-09-30 Recent 3D render 2020-09-30

LCA2021 #swagbadge announcement

A limited number of LCA2021 Swag Badge electronic badges will be produced for the on-line LCA2021 conference, which will be distributed to conference attendees. The LCA2021 Swag Badge is being specially developed and tailored for the conference.

  • Note 0: This is just our current understanding of how the LCA2021 #swagbadge will be made available ... and is subject to change by LCA2021 organizing committee
  • Note 1: The #swagbadge will be only available to Australian participants, due to the cost and delay of shipping internationally
  • Note 2: If you are outside of Australia or miss out on a #swagbadge, then you might want to seriously consider acquiring a Dagbadge
  • Note 3: The Open Hardware Miniconf is ON! Submit your talk proposals today. Deadline is Dec 18th.

No ordinary conference badge, this one is full of extensible, open hardware, ready to be loaded up with whatever software and custom hardware add-ons takes your fancy !

The Open Hardware Mini-Conference (OHMC) team are putting together a badge that will be:

  • Approachable for newcomers, e.g runs Python and doesn't require any special IDE (for embedded device development)
  • Custom-designed, super slick PCB
  • Powered by an ESP32 which gives you Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Not one, but two delightful OLED screens
  • ... which double as pressable buttons
  • Ready for development with the latest microPython installed
  • Supported by an open-sourced embedded network framework, the Aiko Engine for microPython
  • With a number of SAO connectors so you can extend and add on your own hardware components

We aim to post the #swagbadges prior to Christmas so they will be available before on-line LCA2021 begins.

But wait, there's more ! In the spirit of LCA, we want the capabilities of the badge to be truly open. We'll be following up with more information about how you can join in to build out ideas for doing wonderful, magnificent, incredible... stuff ... <your idea here> ... using the SAO connectors.

Follow along and join in with the OHMC team as we prepare, plan, design and build your badges. We'll be posting regular updates here on this Wiki.

LCA2021 swag badge mechanical layout 2020-09-30 Mechanical layout 2020-09-30

Swagbadge2021 Backstory