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EO2023 Open Hardware Workshop location

Monday, 13th March 2023 at the Connected Community HackerSpace
Address: 5 Kent Lane, Hawthorn, Victoria. Note: Kent Lane, not Kent Street
Parking: Hawthorn Town Hall car park (free for 2 hours or outside of business hours, $6.50 for 8 hours during business hours)
Public transport:

The HackerSpace is a two minute walk from the Glenferrie train station. From the Flinders Street train station in the city, use the
Lilydale / Ringwood / Belgrave train line: 15 minutes / 5 stops direct or 20 minutes / 8 stops via the City Loop ... and double-check
that you haven't caught an express train that skips Glenferrie (there is an express train to Box Hill, avoid this!). There are many good
lunch and dinner options nearby.

Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner options:

Nearby Glenferrie Road (3 minutes walk) is the beating heart of Hawthorn with a broad range of restaurants, cafes, take-away, supermarkets, etc. There are several good pubs close by and a rooftop bar. Whilst it is a public holiday on Monday in Victoria, there should still be a good selection of places open ... perhaps some may shut, but it'll be a good day for them to be doing business.
The HackerSpace has a microwave, kettle, drinks fridge and snacks. Along with a very small sink area. It is basic, but some very modest self-catering is possible !

Workshop sessions

The workshop is a full day of project activities for both the SwagBadge 2022 (based on microPython) and the FPGA Rockling hardware.
It is highly recommended to be there for both the morning and afternoon sessions, there is a lot to cover and do.
However for interstate travellers, we will start the afternoon session with a brief recap to get you up-to-speed.
Interested EO2023 attendees who didn't order the LCA2022 hardware kit are welcome to join us and check things out.

Morning: Setup from 9:00am. Be ready to start at 10am sharp
Lunch: 12:00pm to 1:00pm
Afternoon: Setup from 12:30pm for those arriving only for the afternoon. Be ready to start at 1 pm sharp.

Evening social event: 5:00 pm (approximately)

At the end of the day, the workshop will morph into an informal EO2023 social event. The HackerSpace is very close to several pubs and a good variety of restaurants. Depending on numbers and preferences, we can have food / drinks at the HackerSpace or move to a local venue.

Workshop materials

ESP32 development board with color LCD screen, touch sliders, SAO / Rockling connectors
Lattice iCE40 UP5K FPGA with STGL-5000 Audio Codec and Theremin input

Bonus: Distributed, embedded system using MQTT as the transport

Distributed service framework using asynchronous messages supporting AIoT, Machine Learning, Robotics and Video
Host-side software for the SwagBadges (and lots more)

Useful resources

SwagBadge / microPython

Many of these resources are for the OHMC2021 version of the SwagBadge, but the hardware (except for the LCD screen) is functionally very similar so large parts are still relevant.

Rockling / UP5K FPGA

  • Tim Ansell's FOMU FPGA workshop: workshop.fomu.im/en/latest
  • Use ChatGPT with prompts to write Verilog to create FPGA gateware !
  • Use ChatGPT with prompts to write migen (Python) to create FPGA gateware !
  • Use ChatGPT with prompts to write LiteX (Python) to create complete System On Chip (SoC) !

Project technical support

GitLab Discussions: https://github.com/OpenHardwareConf/LCA2022/discussions

Best for longer discussions or reporting a technical issue ... very similar to forums

Matrix Secure Instant Messaging: Channel (Room): OpenHWConf (#openhwconf:matrix.org)

Best for interactive discussions with whomever is on-line.
Suggested client Element (desktop, Android and iOS versions)