Beyond DingoCar

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It's not just a car

The car is more than just a car.

It contains a full Raspberry pi (3? 4?), with a custom pcb that contains:

  • PWM with 4? 8? headers to control the car, but you can also use them to power other components.
  • X x USB
  • 128x128 OLED display
  • Raspberry Pi camera
  • ... other awesome things

The car can be powered by the battery pack, or you can power the board directly via a power cable.

The computer componentry is held within a lego-compatible case so you can mount it/connect it easily to other constructions.

Operating the components

OLED digital display

Sample code to drive the OLED is in the play/oled directory, demonstrating how to write text and send images.


  • Powering basic leds,
  • Controlling leds.

Ideas for taking it further

  • Add some smart leds to indicate when the car is turning/braking/detecting an obstacle
  • Add some antenna/a tail/some wings to signal some car behaviour.
  • Use the Pi to control lego componentry instead of an RC car.
  • Automated watering system
  • Build a drone
  • ... even more superbly great stuff