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What's new in 2022 from 2021?

  • Badge has been upgraded
  • We're also shipping a dedicated SAO - the Rockling
  • We're also shipping a party button SAO

What changed in the badge?

  • New form factor. 2022 is a tux. 2021 badge was a rectangle.
  • Eyeball upgrade. 2022 has a single large display. 2021 had two smaller screens.
  • Screens are no longer push button. 2021 screens doubled as push buttons, but this was mechanically fragile and a bit dodgy, so we removed that for 2022.
  • Reset belly button. 2021 had only the reset button on the ESP32 which was hard to get to.

What is the Rockling SAO?

The Swagbadge supports the SAO (Simple Add-On) connector format, allowing you to chain PCBs together. We are supplying the Rockling, (called so because it's in the shape of a fish (for Tux to eat) and because it really rocks 🎵) which has sound processing on board, and an FPGA.

Whether you're into FPGAs, or theremins or some other audio work, the Rockling is for you.

What is the party button SAO?

Designed by Steph Piper, it's a DIY assembly party button to practice soldering with, that can be run standalone or powered by the Swagbadge. And it is delightful.