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==Software Setup Instructions==
==Software Setup Instructions==
See more at [https://github.com/CCHS-Melbourne/LoliBot/tree/master/software/ReadMe.md github.com/CCHS-Melbourne/LoliBot/tree/master/software/ReadMe.md]
See more at [https://github.com/CCHS-Melbourne/LoliBot/tree/master/software/ReadMe.md LoliBot-Software]
==Additional Resources==
==Additional Resources==
See more at [[LoliBot-Resources|LoliBot Resources]]
See more at [[LoliBot-Resources|LoliBot Resources]]

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LoliBot is a simple robot platform designed by John Spencer, controlled by a Lolin32-Lite board using an ESP32 microcontroller.

LoliBot is designed to give you a quick win getting started with robotics, providing you with basic movement and sensor functionality that you can control from whatever software environment you like. You can then extend it with other sensors and actuators, or swap out parts to make the robot bigger or smaller, while building on the same basic principles and architecture.



LoliBot features include:

  • Simple assembly on a PCB chassis using minimal tools
  • Easy to modify to incorporate your own design ideas and features
  • ESP32 brain
  • WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity
  • I/O breakouts to add extra sensors and actuators
  • 3 x bottom-mounted RGB LEDs for blinky fun
  • Powered by an 18650 LiPo cell
  • Recharges by USB

Hardware Assembly Instructions

See more at LoliBot Hardware Assembly

Software Setup Instructions

See more at LoliBot-Software

Additional Resources

See more at LoliBot Resources