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Your own tools are not required for the LCA assembly session, but if you are able to bring any of the following then that would be great.

If you're flying, please bear in mind that sharp items like cutters or multimeter probes will need to be put into checked baggage not carry-on.

  • Wire cutters (and wire strippers if you have them)
  • Multimeter
  • Soldering iron
  • Solder
  • Small Phillips-head screwdriver

If you want to also do the optional surface mount assembly steps, there are some additional tools listed on that page

Check Parts In Kit

Your kit should contain the following items:


Your kit will also include cable ties, which are not shown in this picture.

Please check over the items in your kit, and if you think you are missing something then let us know.


There are five main steps to getting your SimpleBot up and running:

  • 1: Assembling the "SimpleBot Shield", which is supplied in kit form.
  • 2: Assembling the battery pack.
  • 3: Assembling the full SimpleBot chasis.
  • 4: Setting up the software and connecting to the SimpleBot.
  • 5: Running the NodeBots examples to test the bot.

1: SimpleBot Shield Assembly

Optional Surface Mount Assembly for SimpleBot Shield (this is an optional step for confident solderers who want to try some surface mount soldering).

See SimpleBot Shield Assembly

2: Battery Pack Assembly

See SimpleBot Battery Pack Assembly

3: Chassis Assembly

See SimpleBot Chassis Assembly

4: Software Setup

See SimpleBot Initial Software Configuration

5: Run NodeBots Examples

See SimpleBot NodeBots Examples

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