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The first registrants for the virtual LCA 2021 conference will receive, as part of their registration, a Swag Badge! (until we run out of stock) Please note: The badge will be only available to Australian participants, due to the cost and delay of shipping internationally.

No ordinary badge, this one is full of extensible, open hardware, ready to be loaded up with whatever software and hardware takes your fancy!

The open hardware miniconf team are putting together a badge that will be:

  • a custom-designed, super slick PCB
  • powered by an ESP32 which gives us wifi and bluetooth connectivity
  • a delightful display (OLED)
  • ... which doubles as a button
  • with a number of SAO connection points so you can extend and add on your own hardware componentry
  • ready for development with microPython

We plan to post the badges before Christmas so you'll have your badge before LCA even begins, and a stunning memento of your participation in the conference in 2021.

Actual hardware specifications are still being worked out: stay tuned.

Want to stay in touch? We hang out on Twitter at @swagbadge2021