Arduino Miniconf 2011: Brisbane, Australia

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Registration for this session has now closed. You can still submit the form and we'll do our best to accommodate you on the day, but we can't promise to fit everyone in.

Limited space and the need to provide personal assistance has forced us to limit the number of people who can actively participate in the hardware assembly / soldering tutorial at the 2011 Arduino Miniconf. The plan is to pair people up with a total of up to 32 people doing the assembly, that is, 16 pairs of participants. Each pair will have access to a set of tools including a soldering iron, solder, cutters, and a tutorial helper.

Experienced hackers will also be on hand as tutorial helpers so we will probably have about 50 people in the room, with space for a few extras to come and watch but not do actual assembly.

Registration for the assembly tutorial is on a first-come, first-served basis, but if the numbers are high we may need to give preference to those with less experience to give them an opportunity to try soldering for the first time.

The tutorial will be run using two different kits so that you have the choice of which kit is best suited to your abilities and requirements. The kits are being made available to Arduino Miniconf participants at special rates to make it as affordable as possible. Both kits are as "open" as we can make them, with the designs released under the TAPR Open Hardware License. You can learn more about the kits here:



After the tutorial the hardware is yours to keep and use for your own projects.

Submission of the registration form does not require any payment. Once we've collected details of interested people to gauge the number of parts required we'll contact you regarding payment.

Hardware For Tutorial

There will be two hardware assembly projects to choose from. The "KitTen" is a kit version of the Freetronics TwentyTen, an Arduino-Duemilanove compatible board that is useful for general purpose Arduino work. The "MobSenDat" (Mobile Sensor Datalogger) is a specialised Arduino-compatible board that incorporates a number of sensors and a MicroSD card slot for datalogging, and can be used the following day at the Rocketry Miniconf to mount into a rocket airframe. Note however that the Rocketry Miniconf requires separate registration.