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OHC 2015 Call For Presentations

Note: deadline for submissions is December 14th, 2014

Presentation Types

The Open Hardware Miniconf will follow a similar format to the Arduino Miniconf which has run in previous years, with a hardware assembly project in the morning (for registered attendees) and a variety of presentations in the afternoon that can be attended by any LCA2015 delegates. Time in the afternoon has been structured to allow for both full presentations and lightning talks:

Full presentations are 20 minutes.
Lightning talks are 5 minutes.

This is a friendly environment in which to make an informal low-stress presentation, so it’s a great opportunity if you haven’t done conference presentations before.


Your talk can cover just about anything related to Open Hardware, such as:

* A show-and-tell for one of your projects
* Design techniques
* Basic electronics for software developers
* Interfacing with hardware, e.g sensors, actuators, displays, motors, geiger counters
* Driver or library development for embedded systems
* Development environments, software, and tools
* Working within microcontroller limitations
* Internet of Things, wearable computing, vehicle telemetry
* Licensing for hardware
* The business aspects of Open Hardware

The audience will consist primarily of software developers, since this event takes place as an adjunct to linux.conf.au. What the Open Hardware Miniconf does is give the hard-core devs who typically attend linux.conf.au an opportunity to experience the joy of hardware hacking (http://jon.oxer.com.au/blog/id/358).

Submitting a Proposal

So if you are attending LCA2015 (Auckland) in January and would like to present, please email jon@oxer.com.au with:

* Your name
* Brief biography (noting any previous speaking experience)
* Talk title
* Brief outline of your proposed talk
* Notes of any special equipment / facilities you may require
* Talk type (20 minute presentation or 5 minute lightning talk)

This only needs to be a few sentences: don't spend days on your proposal, just put it down in a quick email. We can always discuss details later if required.

Recording and Licensing

To increase the number of people that can view your presentation, linux.conf.au might record your talk and make it publicly available after the event. When submitting your proposal you will be asked to release materials relating to your presentation under a Creative Commons ShareAlike License. Additionally, if you are discussing specific software or hardware in your presentation, you must ensure that it has an appropriate open licence.

All presentation material should be suitable for people aged 12 and above. All presentations are subject to Linux Australia's code of conduct, including that they must not contain:

* sexual or violent imagery
* exclusionary language
* language which is not appropriate for an all-ages audience

For more information on the LCA presentation policies etc, see: http://lca2015.linux.org.au/cfp.